Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Hello! I haven't been on here to update in a while. I just opened a store in Greenwood, Indiana, called Sharon's Crop Studio. We are hosting crops and also have a growing retail area. It was lots of work and still in progress, but we are very proud of it. Check out thewebsite
and stop in to see us if you are in the area.
I am now a SUNSHINE SWEETIE at Sunshine Studio Scraps. This is something I am very proud of. One of my duties as a Sweetie is to co-host a weekly post called the WORD ART/ LYRICS CHALLENGE. Amanda and I take turns finding song lyrics or creating word art for scrappers to use in their layouts. Since Mother's Day is this week, I decided to use an old poem. I discovered it is older than I thought. How about 1915! Here is the layout I did for M-O=T=H=E=R.

Check out the site and give it a try. You can create a layout about your own mother.

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Amysout said...

o - good luck on the store - I'll definitely joins you for a crop ... the next time I'm in town! ;) And - congrats on becoming a CT at the SUN! I'll definitely see you there!